From the moment my airplane hovered over this new island, the twinkling lights of the city were alive and captivating. It looked as though a blanket of stars was woven into the landscape below. I will never forget the exciting feeling of staring out my window that day and waiting to finally land after 36 hours of travel. I had created this plan alone and was landing here alone to finally live it out, feeling liberated and also a bit overwhelmed if I must admit. After touching down and entering the tiny airport of Sri Lanka I took a deep breath in, preparing myself for the new chapter ahead and all the unknowns that it would bring.  I knew I would never be the same again; an evolution of my life’s story was in progress and the page had officially turned.

Within a mere 30 minutes I made two new European friends, other travelers of the island who had left their routine lives behind and set off for long-term exploration, seeking freedom and adventure. I immediately felt comforted being around like-minded travelers and we shared a cab to our separate places, swapping stories of all we hoped to do while we were here. The UK, France and USA all bonding over the same desire to experience more of the world and dive into studying new cultures. I truly believe that good energy attracts good energy and this couldn’t be more of the case already in my few short days here. The power of positivity is infectious and since I made it the center of my life it has done nothing but greet me with others of the same mindset in return.

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