After a couple of days in the capital city, I couldn’t wait to take off my shoes, stretch a bit and feel my toes in the sand. With excitement in my belly, I set out last Friday in the early morning hours to the main train station in Colombo to start my descent south to Surf Camp Sri Lanka. Waiting in line with my pack on, all I could think about between sweating and back pain was how much I had over packed. Barely standing for ten minutes, I felt like I might topple over as the long line seemed to go on forever and my personal space slowly diminished. More to come on packing strategies for long-term travel, since I am developing a plethora of travel tips I am more than happy to share.

A Sri Lankan man in a dark t-shirt and tailored pants walked up to inform me of something, but I immediately shrugged him away after feeling bothered by many that morning. Later, I learned he was kindly trying to let me know that trains had all been canceled for the day because of construction. I knew this because that same man, Chimanda, became my taxi driver a couple hours down to camp. We laughed about this later from the road as we sipped our Nescafe’s and blasted Sri Lanka music. He was in a band and loved sharing with me all about his experience touring in different parts of the world. “I thought you were a mean American girl at first… but now I know, you’re cool!” We both laughed. I’ll take it.  

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