Taken from my travelogue: Sometime early April at Gypsea Yoga in Lombok, Indonesia

I landed on this beautiful island just under two weeks ago and can hardly grasp how fast time has flown by. I am now in Lombok  just off the shores of Bali for a few days of solitude, rest and relaxation at a hideaway in the jungle, Gypsea Yoga. There are countless memories I could write about but I thought I might focus my next blog on travel tips, which I have been brewing on recently. Traveling alone can be the most incredible time of your life and sharing memories with new friends in unknown places is something you can’t quite put into words.

It’s very special.

Here are a few things I have learned traveling alone as a female in South East Asia.  I hope one day you will all be able to experience this part of the world.  It has changed my life and will forever feel like home in my heart.

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