About Me

I am originally from San Diego, California and have always seen nature as my sanctuary.   Since my early years I had the fortune of living on both coasts of this beautiful country, so keep the sea and the mountains close to my heart.  As a little girl, I could get lost for hours exploring outdoors and as an adult this is still my happy place.  I am most fascinated by Mother Earth, the human spirit, energy, emotions and our connection to one another.  The thought that we all exist in purposeful harmony brings me peace.  It also instilled in me a deep compassion and empathy towards others, that is one of the greatest qualities I possess.  I am passionate about everything I do and have a desire to continuously grow and learn more about life and others around me.

Just like everyone else, throughout my years I have felt all that comes along with the human condition.  I have soared and stumbled; I have taken right turns and wrong turns; I have loved really hard and been paralyzed by heartache; I have felt great joy and endured incomparable loss; I have known both peace and hardship.  Taking a step back, I can see all of these moments as gifts since they have contributed to the dynamic person I am.  I have learned that intuition is important and that often we carry within us all the answers if we just listen close enough, keep our hearts open and have confidence in ourselves.

I try and see the best in life and people, because it is something I choose to wake up and work hard at every single day.  Being positive didn’t always come easily to me, but like anything else practice makes perfect.  Now, this is one of the greatest tools I carry and continuously nurture.

So, why the unconventional life?

I say… Why not?  For many years I put an enormous amount of pressure on the future, simply out of fear of the unknown.  Now, I embrace the unknown with a healthy curiosity and arms wide open.  My quest is about finding new sources of inspiration, nourishing my soul, learning more about how to care for our environment, helping others and seeing more of this wondrous planet.  I am writing another great chapter in my life’s story and taking a break from normal routine.

I hope you will stay connected through this website.  I look forward to swapping stories with many of you over a campfire, glass of wine or a delicious home cooked meal in route or on my return.

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.  Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”