I made the decision to set out on what I hope to be the greatest and most daring adventure of my life.  I will pack a backpack that is about half of my size full of very limited belongings and board a one way flight to Sri Lanka.  This will be my first stop, but I plan to explore more of South East Asia and then head to Europe during what will most likely be a 4-5 month journey.   Each small item I pack will be chosen with careful thought, leaving behind most of my possessions and all familiarity. “Life cleansing” is proving to be both a difficult task and extremely freeing.  It has challenged me to let go and embrace a relationship with my self and the present moment.

Why Sri Lanka? I get asked this question many times. Sri Lanka is a teardrop island just south of India. Besides being one of South Asia’s most beautiful beach escapes, Sri Lanka is scattered with buddhist temples, roaring wildlife, bustling villages, tea farms and majestic green mountains.  It is best known for its biodiversity (in the top 25 global hot spots), golden beaches, world-renowned surfing, ayurveda practices, buddhist culture, spicy curry and wide range of native species.  While there, I hope to have time to dive  into the things I enjoy most: writing, adventuring, growing my skill-set, giving back and letting my creative self run wild. After visiting Japan, I always felt interested to explore more of Asia for the fact that it is so different from my home country.   I signed myself up on a volunteer website called WorkAway, where you exchange volunteer hours for accommodations with a local family. I love this concept and plan to utilize it throughout some of my travel, while also adventuring on my own.

I land in the capital of Colombo on February 21st, where I will spend time soaking in sun, breathing in new air and getting to know my surroundings.  To start things off, I signed myself up for a week long surf camp on the south coast, because somehow a California girl learning to surf in Sri Lanka just sounds right.  Afterwards, I will make my way just a short distance up the coast to help a German family (three entrepreneurial women and one sweet baby) with their permaculture and Home Stay in the beach town of Beruwala. I plan to be here most likely just a few weeks.  They grow organic cinnamon and vegetables and I will help them with online marketing, preparing to sell their product to a larger audience.  I’m sure I will find myself engaged in many other interesting and new tasks, wherever they need me.  The Home Stay is directly on the beach and the farm is about a 15 minute tuk tuk ride inland, where they have a farmhouse that I will rotate my time between.  I also found a hospice in the area where I hope to volunteer and learn more about end of life care in a new country, where my true passion lies.

I have spent a lot of time in recent months preparing for this trip, not in a material sense but in finding inner strength. My goal for this adventure is to let go of expectation and fear and embrace the unknown and all that it may bring with an open heart.  Sri Lanka is my first stop, but I am simply letting life unfold as it’s meant to along the way.

I may be embarking on this great trip alone, but I will never truly be alone.  I look forward to the connections and relationships I will build along the way.  You can follow my journey here!